I have a problem with a bit of rules here - maybe its just the consistency of the rules with the world.

It strikes me that the minimum requirements to be a wizard are not all that staggeringly high:

Int of 9 or higher
A bloodline

I know there has been a staggering degree of arguments about the number of mages. I don't want to get into that. What I
wonder is, if it is so simple, why aren't there so many more mages in human society? Your average Anuirean nation has at
least 5 blooded families in it. Each family has many children, the better to ensure the progression of the line. Well, the
firstborn usually gets the lands, while the low born are sent off to either be a mage or be a priest (this last very
suitable for a lastborn son in the Middle Ages).

Well, then, shouldn't there be a proliferation of mages?

Just a thought

Tim Nutting