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The throne remains cold, sitting empty in the Imperial City. The land remains
shattered. Ruthless warlords battle for control of the throne. The Imperial
Chamberlain, Caliedhe Dosiere, seeks out a suitable replacement for Emperor
from the battling nobles. Who will come out on top, only you can decide that
and take a seat on the Iron Throne of Anuire.....

Welcome to the new Birthright PBeM game. In this High Roleplaying Campaign in
the Brithright world, you can take on an Anuirean regent or scion and attempt
to get the Iron Throne. Or, you can take a Brecht regent or scion and attempt
to exact revenge on the Anuireans for their old opression. Brecht expansion is
limited, 2 of 6 spots left. Only non First come first serve. Preferably non
landed regents for Brecht since we already have three landed up there.

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Andrew "DMKnight" Rachunok

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