Right, let's see. We've got Yeenoghu (lesser god of gnolls and flinds
(anybody ever seen these on Cerilia?); p. 83 of Monster Mythology),
Taragin (Rjurik demigod of necromancy/revenge; BR Netbook), Baphomet
(lesser god of minotaurs; p.81 of Monster Mythology), and Kostchtchie
(demigod of ice giants; p. 82 of Monster Mythology). As for Torazan, I
don't remember the name from 1st Edition, couldn't find it in Faces of
Evil: the Fiends, so I'd say he's probably some here-to-fore unknown
fiend of near- to intermediate-power level that offers a mixture of
Vaprak's and Bahgtru's portfolios (p. 82 & 46 of Monster Mythology)
unless someone with Forgotten Realms books has more information.
And please, don't ask how the Rjurik Necromancer knows all this stuff
about dark powers.