>I wrote:
> > I am painting the mini for Quirad Al-Dinn and am wondering
> where there may
> > be a picture for him. If anyone knows, please reply.
> > Thank you,
> > Dave
> Hmmm.... Birthright mini's? Is this guy from Ral Partha's box set? The
> "Abominations Set?"
> Does anyone know if Ral (or another mini company) is still going
> to produce
> mini's for the Br line? Since TSR has 'suspended product
> support' will there
> be any new mini's coming out do you think? I doubt it myself....
> but one can
> always hope.
> A man can never have too many miniatures.
> Keith
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Nope, this was one of the singles, like the Banshegh, Sword Mage, etc. It
was in the series for BR.

As for new minis for BR, I doubt it. I sure would like to see a darn Orog
mini though.