bstoner wrote:

> I was once toying with the idea of letting the Adurians use gunpowder, but not have Priests or Wizards. And I didn't want the PCs to be able to keep any gunpowder they got their hands on. Heh, at first the Adurians would seem quite powerful, until a wizard cast a cantrip to get to that itch he
> can't reach...

This is simply too good to ignore..... I love this idea! Hah! And a really evil Dm HAH! Such a magnificent techno item, and yet so easily destroyed, can't ask for much more than that.....

I have actually used a really weakend version of flint locks in my games, (non BR) and found that they simply added a novelty to the setting, and in no way unbalanced it. The poor accurracy,(sawed off shot gun...wide dispersal, no accuracy) poor damage, (kind of like buck shot I guess) and nasty
habit of backfires, misfires, and other such "Dm 'what cha gonna do now....' situational modifiers, kept the fire stick out of the main stream.
The appearance of the flint lock simply added a feeling of advancement and a growth to the more developed nations... there was no need to worry about what the wizards thought, or how many lightning bolts could zap the muskets before they saw the whites of their eyes. It was loads of fun, both for
the player (he does have a gun while others have a sword) and for me (the NPC was horrified at the site of the gun, but smiled eviliy when it backfired and blinded the pc....)

Of course, it all dpends on how you wanna play it. IMO, I think a mix of magic & techno can be successfully woven together.....

"But then again, maybe it's just me."


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