James Ray wrote:

> Incidentally...would they do damage to creatures that can only be
> affected
> by magical weapons? I dont think it would be possible to enchant the
> actual projectile (cause items to be enchanted have to specially made,
> from
> the finest materials, etc), but certainly the firearm itself could be
> enchanted to improve the "to hit" probability, but that still doesnt
> answer
> my question, so, I will sign this one off, now :)
Take a look at some Lovecraft Horror, "the things that could
only be hit magical wepaons" such as the greater powers could not be hit
by early C20 fire arms. Although some of the weaker creatures could
definitely be shot, it'll be fun for adventurers finding out what can
be shot especially from the shadow world. The only advantage in an RPG
setting is that silver bullets will be cheaper, hopefully.