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>Oh no, one who's making BR more like FR.

No need to get snippy.

I understand where you're coming from, Trizt, but if someone else's idea of a
fantasy game includes guns, it certainly is valid. Even though neither you or
I would enjoy running one. But I think some other people have already given
useful replies to the Guns issue and since I have nothing positive to
contribute, I'll not say anything more here.

But this brings up the idea of alternate fantasy systems (in an almost-out-of-
the-blue-way). I'll be frank: the only reason I ever bought AD&D stuff is
because of Birthright and it was written for AD&D. Well, Birthright is on
hold now. So I'm not going purchase _any_ AD&D products. At least not until
Birthright is released again. After all, why settle for something that's
going to be second best?

So, having no supplements to poor over hour after hour, cover to cover
multiple times (I use the hell out of my role playing materials) I decided to
instead use my time to work out a better system than AD&D. And I think I

I mentioned once before on this list my Web page. I'll do so again, since by
now it is far more expanded.

I have gathered all materials and links on my home page necessary to run a
Birthright Fantasy Fuzion game. You'll find a link to the Core Fuzion rules
and a link to Mark Chase's Atomik Magick plugin. You'll also find my
Birthright rules adaptations (including blood abilties, Rjurik Dooms, skills,
talents, perks, combat equipment stats and a BUNCH more), spells, character
sheets, a Spell Construction Set, AD&D to Fuzion conversion tables, and a new
Beastiary (40 critters and growing).

In essence, I now have everything you need to begin a new Birthright game (or
convert an existing one).

And if you'd really like to see some Arquebus stats added, I could see to
that, too.

Comments welcome.

- -Dustin Evermore