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Thread: Thaele thoughts

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    Thaele thoughts


    I began thinking about Thaele last night, and was wondering what
    everyone else thinks might lie up in the cold north.

    I've discussed it with Darkstar briefly this A.M., and he gave me some
    very good suggestions. Based on what Ian had to say, and the few
    thoughts I have collected in the last few hours I have come up with the
    following 'outline'.

    - - Continent roughly the size of Greenland. Probably similar climate.
    - - Southern coast slowly settled by Rjurik (Haven't actually read the
    supplement, so I don't know what it has to say about this...)
    - - Southern portions covered in Pine forests (Small spindly trees most
    likely.) I picture the terrain to be similar to the Yukon... lots of
    mountains probably too (Seeing as how Cerilia has so many...)
    - - Mid portion turns to snow fields and glaciers, slowly turning into
    tundra. The coastline disappears into the ice flows and polar ice caps,
    and 'eruptions of ice packs... ("I thought we were on solid ground, not
    in the middle of a frozen sea!!!!")
    - - Maybe the odd volcano (?) allowing for 'odd & misplaced' ecosystems
    and humanoid cultures.
    - -A small, isolated but powerful "Empire", ruled by lots of decadent
    magicians. The elite of these may be blooded (weak and cheezy story
    how some of the survivors fled to Thaele... maybe they got "blasted" or
    "teleported there from the force of the explosion?) Also, some blood
    might have migrated from the Rjurik and Brechts who (IIRC) had made
    forays onto Thaele in the distant past.
    I don't see the over all blood being as strong as it is in Cerilia
    though. Maybe half way between Cerilia & what is present in Darkstar's
    Arduria expansion?
    The Empire is kind of a combo wizard/priest ruled Theocracy. They
    believe in divine dissension (some where between the Egyptian & Roman
    theologies) and they worship some sort of 'death god'. Correction -
    Maybe not a 'god' ... hence their priests are actually wizards? Are
    there demons in Birthright?? Maybe an animal spirit of some kind?
    Obviously this Empire is inspired by Hyperborea, (Conan), and I
    think this type of culture would fit well with Thaele. The problem is
    trying to make it un-forgotten realmish, and making it
    Birthrightable..... how much magic is too much? What is everyones
    thoughts on combining magic and 'machinery'... i.e.: the FR styled
    flying ships. Would a high magic society have combined magic &
    technology in some way?

    - - As for monsters & bad guys;
    -Frost Giants ??
    -ice elves?? (Not fond of elves myself, but could the elves
    have adapted to the colder north?)
    -polar bears (dull I know....)
    -One of the Lost???? (Frozen in an ice flow??)
    -neandrathals / sub humans (I love these cavemen types)

    Well, that's about it for now. I would love to hear what you all
    have to say about this. Maybe a Thaele Expansion is in the works here??


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    Thaele thoughts

    You might check out the Rjurik Highlands campaign expansion for details on the
    six colonies as well as descriptions of some of the creatures that inhabit

    - -DKEvermore

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    Thaele thoughts

    Interesting idea. I've been tinkering with a Precolumbian American setting
    that would be a bit to the west of Cerillia. One of the elements I was
    considering for the Iroquois/Alaquonkin area equivelent was some area
    between the two continents that held a bunch of extremely warlike
    brecht/rjurik hybrids that frequently raided into the tribes there. This
    resulted in what started out as defensive confederations, as well as
    provided a reason why there might be blood lines there. Another idea that
    occured to me was to have Yeti from the arctic circle kill one with an
    Azrai bloodline, and thus becoming the Ansheigh known as the Wendigo.

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