> Lawrence David Ruiz wrote:
> > I have been thinking alot about these sources also. As they
> are something
> > untainted, i.e. natural, like a tree, a spring, a geyser. my
> thinking is
> > why not a lava flow? along this same thread then would all sources be
> > located above ground?
> I don't see any reason why a lava flow can't be a source. As for them all
> being above ground, I don't think they have to be. If I remember
> correctly
> Rahil the Falcon controls some sources that are buried elven cities or
> something like that....
> Gary
Then it would be possible for an Orog MU with a bloodline to tap the sources
below ground, link them to wherever he/she has another source, and wreak
havoc on my PCs? Hmm... no longer does the Shadow World look like the
ultimate threat, but instead these Orogs, burrowing to their desired target,
unleashing realm spells on that target, and then attacking from the heart of
that target may be the greatest threat.