As I just happened to be paging through my C&T.
Page 146, second column, the heading,

The 16th-level Dart Specialis: It's ludicrous to allow a high-Strength
character the full benefit of his muscular power if he insists on using tiny
little weapons such as darts. A good way to address this kind of min-maxing
is to limit the damage bonus granted by high Strength to the maximum roll of
the weapon's base damage. A dart normally causes 1d3 points of damage
against size M targets, so acharacter withe xceptional Strength could gain a
total of +3 to his dart's damage-but no more, even if he is entitled to a
damage bonus of +4 or more.

Tell your mighty Vos rules lawyer that Vos don't have lawyers, and to pick
another weapon to be bogus with.
As for the question of truly fearful for the DM combinations of skills,
proficiencies and stats, I simply just up the power level of the critters
they face. Orcs drop like flies on sight? Use Orogs. Everyone goes for the
d12 H.P. option as a fighter? Meet the clan of the Blade. Every last one of
them specialized in long sword, shield, and sword and shield style. What
about my newest trick, goblin Necromancers with an AC of -2 and 30+ H.P. at
5th level. Fully legal mind you. (Well almost. I fudge a few rules on
thaumaturgical schools and such when designing them. Thing is, you can get
the exact same spell list with a general mage and a little work on
limitations if you really want to.) Point is, for every nasty character
trick a PC comes up with, you can come up with a dozen to counter. In fact,
I just had a newbie point out the fun NWP of throwing to me. I had never
even bothered to look at the dnag thing. Now, STR 8 mages with +2 to hit and
damage at 60' short range with their daggers... My players will be screaming
very soon.