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>Possible solution:

>But the greatest problem is not the specialization but the strength score.
>How did your Vos warrior get 19 STR? He rolled 18 and got the +1 racial
>bonus? Or did he get it magically?
>I use the following rule: If a Vos character rolls a natural 18 he still
>rolls %STR. Instead of adding one point of STR, they add one percintile
>bracket. Ex.: ef he gets 18.34, with the +1 he now has 18.51. If he gets
>18.76, with the bonus he ends up with 18.91.
>I created this rule in a DL campaign. Minotaurs have a +2STR bonus and all
>of them had 19 or 20 - the ones with 18 were a minority, precisely the
>opposite of what should happen.
>Hope this helps.
>Death to the rules-lawyers!!!!

I think that VOS Clerics would have more chance of 19 strength than VOS
Fighters :-)

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