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    RE: [BIRTHRIGHT] Darts -

    The official rules on str bonus damage with missile weapons is that the
    bonus damage can not exceed the base die amount the weapon normally does.
    For example, a warrior with a 18/00 strength would do the following for
    damage -- dagger max damage would be 1d4+4 (1d4 base weapon damage +4 str
    bonus). This would not be 1d4+6 as is commonly thought.

    Therefore the Gorgon, may get multiple tosses with his darts, but he would
    only get base upto a darts base weapon damage. (d2+2 I believe - books not


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    > yes but think of how stupid it looks. here comes the mighty hercules
    with a
    > bandolier of darts throwing them at the enemy, instead of wading into the
    > fray.... heck even with a longsword and a shortsword he'd get 2 attacks
    > round and damage of 1d6+7 and 1d8+7 which equals 28 pts max damage. and
    > more realistic than a musclebound dart-wielder.

    there's been a lot of discussion about the nature of hit points, but I'd
    say that it isn't as if more blood (for example, caused by sword)
    necessarily means more hit points taken away. An arrow sized dart shot
    with excessive strength and direct at someone's vital areas could
    definitely cause more damage to a person than a sword which simply hacks
    at a part of the body.

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    RE: [BIRTHRIGHT] Darts -

    > How about a whopping 27hp for a Vos Warrior with STR-19. All withing the
    > freaking rules... all within the bounds of the PHB, Combat & freaking
    > Tactics.... cripes! Just to cover bases, the books clearly state that
    > hurled missile weapons gain full benefit from STR - to hit and to damage.

    Correction, dragon magazine sage advise clarifies the damage bonus aspect.
    The max damage bonus is up to the base die of damage of the hurled missile

    That Vos warrior is now only getting d2+2 per dart. Still respectable in
    local pubs to be sure.


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