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Well, mostly they are taken from Russian place names and suitably rearranged. Some examples:

Rovninodensk - "of the plains day" (plains as in meadow)
Rzhlev - a city in Russia
Kozlovnyy - "of the goat"

Glaznyy (Rovninodensk) - "of the eye"
Pavstarakhan (Rovninodensk) - from Astrakhan, a city near the Caspian Sea
Aral (Yeninskiy) - from Aral Sea
Btumi (Yeninskiy) - from Batumi, a city near the Black Sea
Rig (Yeninskiy) - from Riga, capital of Latvia
Baikal (Molochev) - from Lake Baikal in Siberia
Kurmansk (Molochev) - from Murmansk, a city in northern Karelia
Batukhan (Lutkhovsky) - from Batu Khan of the Mongols :)
Minisk (Lutkhovsky) - from Minsk, capital of Belarus
Adoga (Zoloskaya) - from Lake Ladoga
Dnepol (Zoloskaya) - from River Dnepr
Sykvar (Zoloskaya) - from Syktyvkar, a city in Siberia
Dmitriya (Raven) - Dmitri is a given name
Irtysk (Raven) - from River Irtysh
Kolyma (Raven) - from River Kolyma
Laptevykh (Raven) - "of the Sandal clan"
Nikolai (Raven) - a given name
Proliv (Raven) - "strait"
Zaliv (Raven) - "gulf"
(neither of the above two provinces is coastal)
Steppegrad (Rzhlev) - "steppe city"
Gradny (Kozlovnyy) - "of the city"
Novgorik (Kozlovnyy) - "new mountain place"

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