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> Is this with the "The 16th-level Dart Specialist" rule in Combat and
Tactics that state that you can not use more of the strength damage bonus
then the maximum roll of the weapon's base damage, in this case each dart
would 1d3+3 for a Vos warrior with a strength of 19?
> Fredrik
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Possible solution:
I would not allow a Vos Warrior to specialize in Dart. It is not a
traditional weapon and so he would have a hard time finding a tutor who
would help him gain the specialization (another specialist). Otherwise he
would not get to be a self-taught specialist, not in Vosgaard *wicked DM
But the greatest problem is not the specialization but the strength score.
How did your Vos warrior get 19 STR? He rolled 18 and got the +1 racial
bonus? Or did he get it magically?
I use the following rule: If a Vos character rolls a natural 18 he still
rolls %STR. Instead of adding one point of STR, they add one percintile
bracket. Ex.: ef he gets 18.34, with the +1 he now has 18.51. If he gets
18.76, with the bonus he ends up with 18.91.
I created this rule in a DL campaign. Minotaurs have a +2STR bonus and all
of them had 19 or 20 - the ones with 18 were a minority, precisely the
opposite of what should happen.
Hope this helps.
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