>Spells and Magic. However, I have one qustion with S&M - Should
>Magicians be able to use the school of Universal Magic. In Spells and

i would be inclined to say no, and just allow magicians access to
high-level universal spells if they were originally part of divination or
illusion. you do have an argument for giving them all universals, though,
so i guess it's a matter of opinion. if you want to take the time, you
could rule on a case-by-case and spell-by-spell basis.

>Some of this spells appear to be included as they don't fit elsewhere
>(although I would put Enchant an Item in the Enchantment/Charm School).

the rationale for this was to allow all mages (ie evokers, necromancers?)
the ability to create magical items, regardless of sphere access. i don't
think it really makes sense for magicians to be able to do so, though,
otherwise there would be a lot more magic in cerilia than there is.

all my 2c of course and should be taken with a grain of salt =)


- -nick