Personally, due to Magicians limited ability in magic, I would separate them
similar to the way the Divination School was split. Lesser Universal Magic
(4th level and below) and Greater Universal Magic (5th Level and above)...

Hope this helps,

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>I'm converting my current BR campaign over to Skills and Powers and will
>be using the Combat and Tactics rules as well as the criticals from
>Spells and Magic. However, I have one qustion with S&M - Should
>Magicians be able to use the school of Universal Magic. In Spells and
>Magic, Lesser Divination and some other spells have been placed together
>in a school of Universal Magic that is necessary for all Magic Users to
>"fully follow their studies". Other then some spells like teleport, this
>school makes alot of sense, but should Magicians be excluded from using
>spells from above 2nd level in this school? A list of the spells is
>below -
>Comprehend/Confuse Languages
>Detect Magic
>Hold Portal
>Read Magic
>Wizard Mark
>Protection from Cantrips
>Wizard Lock
>Dispel Magic
>Remove/Bestow Curse
>Enchant an Item
>Teleport Without Error
>Astral Spell.
>Some of this spells appear to be included as they don't fit elsewhere
>(although I would put Enchant an Item in the Enchantment/Charm School).
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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