At 09:48 AM 8/20/98 +1200, Phil wrote:
>I'm converting my current BR campaign over to Skills and Powers and will
>be using the Combat and Tactics rules as well as the criticals from
>Spells and Magic. However, I have one qustion with S&M - Should
>Magicians be able to use the school of Universal Magic. In Spells and
>Magic, Lesser Divination and some other spells have been placed together
>in a school of Universal Magic that is necessary for all Magic Users to
>"fully follow their studies". Other then some spells like teleport, this
>school makes alot of sense, but should Magicians be excluded from using
>spells from above 2nd level in this school? A list of the spells is
>below -

I would personally suggest not allowing access to spells above 2nd level in
this school, because it a) makes magic items much more possible (Enchant an
Item and Permanency) b) includes powerful reality affecting spells (not
illusion/information generating spells, such as teleport and dispel magic)
available to magicians which doesn't fit with my view of the Birthright setting.

Pieter A de Jong
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