I'm converting my current BR campaign over to Skills and Powers and will
be using the Combat and Tactics rules as well as the criticals from
Spells and Magic. However, I have one qustion with S&M - Should
Magicians be able to use the school of Universal Magic. In Spells and
Magic, Lesser Divination and some other spells have been placed together
in a school of Universal Magic that is necessary for all Magic Users to
"fully follow their studies". Other then some spells like teleport, this
school makes alot of sense, but should Magicians be excluded from using
spells from above 2nd level in this school? A list of the spells is
below -

Comprehend/Confuse Languages
Detect Magic
Hold Portal
Read Magic
Wizard Mark
Protection from Cantrips
Wizard Lock
Dispel Magic
Remove/Bestow Curse
Enchant an Item
Teleport Without Error
Astral Spell.

Some of this spells appear to be included as they don't fit elsewhere
(although I would put Enchant an Item in the Enchantment/Charm School).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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