I have heard of these being huge attractions at gen-cons and such and now I
am going to see if I can get some of the list people to participate.
I plan to run a tournament pitting player vs player, as well as using
traps, secret passages, unexpected creatures and such. Basically what
everyone will do will be this:
Send in the character you would like to run. This will be using the AD&D
2nd Edition rules. There will be pre-given stats, so everyone will have
the exact same #'s to work with. Racial bonuses will then be applied. All
characters will have a given # of xp's, probabally enough to create a 5th
level mage (possibly higher). So, the xp's will be the same for all
characters as well.

Then, everyone will choose weapons, armor, proficiencies, items, and based
upon Charisma, some items will be available and others will not, costs will
also vary.

All characters will be placed into a dungeon and there will be multiple
rounds of action, with the object being to acquire as many points as

The winner will be the one with the most points at the end of the final
I would also like someone with HTML experience to help as well to create a
web site. If you would be interested in helping, playing or whatever,
please send e-mail to bond007@hci.net . Please do not send to the list.