Philip Burge wrote:
> 1. Anyone has every tried to do something like this (run
> seperate Domain Campaign and an Adventuring Campaign at the Same time)

Uhh, well I have (in a fashion), but considering the levels involved in
this, I don't think my advice would help you much.

> 2. If anybody can suggest an effective way to run this.

Uh, I would just run them on two different nights, and make sure the
Domain PCs just don't EVER get into a situation that would put them into
contact with the adventuring ones. Ditto the other way around. Plus,
make it look like the adventuring ones are a lot more powerful than they
seem (re: the Domain dudes), so that the Domain PCs don't have an urge
to go after them. Other than that, well ... hope everything goes well.

> P.S. Is there anything on the College of Sorcery out there - my Evil
> Wizard Player is thinking of a pre-emptive strike!

Why don't you check out the BROCP? I just put up the 10 council members
for the CoS up there in the Magic section - although, considering the
level of your PCs, I'm not sure that it will be much of a contest.
(Hmmm, then again, there are 10 of them ... Just remember that the
Council has access to magic nobody else does, and probably would use it
if things got really nasty ...) :D