Hey everybody I've returned. However while I've been away I have
finished my previous campaign and this has left me in an interesting
situation. As some of you may remember from a previous post my players
initially set out to save Anuire from a dreadful plague (the Gift of
Azrai - Thanks Ed) only to discover that it was not only Anuire that was
under attack - Rjuvik was being attacked by Demons, Brectur (sp?) was
frozen solid - in the middle of summer and Khinasi was half in - half
out of the shadow world (it was not pleasent). Vosgaard was coming under
the yoke of an evil Sorcerer - Atar whom had forged an alliance with the
Magian, Serpent and Raven to return Azrai to the Prime Material from the
Shadow World in exchange for complete earthly dominion. The Players also
discover that to open the portal a fifth power was needed. It was
suggested that this was the Gorgon but they were wrong. The fifth was
in fact one of their own party whom had succumed to Azrai's promises of
power. The party wizard had infact gained the Viper's Eye in his Quest
and was growing immensly powerful (this in an already high power
campaign, at this stage the PCs were about 18th level having risen from
1st over the previous 2 years of real time). Anyway, to cut a long story
shorter the PCs found the cure for the plauge - a way to stop the
artifact that was causing the plauge and went north to Vosgaard to use
it. They successfully penetrated the Citadel of Atar (situated in the
Battle Fens) and stopped the plauge. They then descended the castle and
emerged in the Throne Room - after a brief conversation between the
party and Atar (in which the majority of the party still hadn't worked
out that their Wizard was now on Azrai's side) battle was joined between
a 20th level Paladin of Haylen, a similar powered thief, a Priest of
Rournil (who was hit by a strand of light from a Prismatic spray which
took him to the Abyss where he was depacitated by a Balor - all rolled
randomly), a Thief/magic User and a ~20th (actually 35th level) Wizard
vs. Atar (20th level Vampire Sorcerer/Priest of Azrai) the Magian and
The Raven and a Balor (gated in by Atar) - TheSerpent did a runner!

In a massive battle the PCs won (finally destroying Atar by walking
through his mist form with a drawn Holy Avenger , contingencies
saving the Magian and The Raven. Then the party Wizard turned upon his
"friends" while incased in a Prismatic Sphere (after his 21 hit Stone
Skin ran out), The Paladin proceeded to walk through the Sphere (damn
that Holy Avenger - 50% Magic Resistance) and proceeded to beat the
Wizard to death. The Wizard's contingecy kicked in and saved his butt.
Then a friendly Dragon (another long story) flew in and saved the
remaining PCs (3 of the original 5 that entered the castle) while the
Wizard stayed in control of Atar's kingdom (The Battle Fens). The others
returned to Anuire where the Paladin was hailed as the new Emperor (if
he can reunite the shattered and plauge devestated kingdoms) by the
dying Chamberlien. This is where my old campaign stopped.

And now I get to the other bit. I now (in my world's time line) have an
evil Wizard (effectively 40th level with the Viper's Eye) in an
unpopulated region of Vosgaard (the Battle Fens) at one end of the World
and a Lawful Good Paladin in control of what is left of the Empire
(currently the Imperial City and his combined state of Roesone and
Ghoere (another long story).

These two are mortal enemies and each wishes to destroy the other.
However, there characters are now so powerful that they have "retired"
from traditional game play and I am allowing their players (and the
others to run their PCs) in a purely Domain Turn fashion (the thief
regent has sided with the Paladin (he's a guild master) while the late
Priest of Rournil has been reborn on the evil wizard's side as a
priestess of Kriesha.

However, I am now running another campaign of just adventurers (no
regents although they are all blooded) set in Brectur (sp?) who will
find themselves (eventually) affected by the world politics (of the
Paladin and Evil Wizard Dude). I am just wondering (finally, the
question!) whether
1. Anyone has every tried to do something like this (run
seperate Domain Campaign and an Adventuring Campaign at the Same time) &

2. If anybody can suggest an effective way to run this. I want
my current PCs (the adventuring ones) to be able to affect the world (at
higher levels) without limiting the powers of the Domain PCs in what
they are doing - and seeing some of their plans, which could pretty
nastily change the world, I am having a bit of a problem.

P.S. Is there anything on the College of Sorcery out there - my Evil
Wizard Player is thinking of a pre-emptive strike!

- -- Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel,