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Thread: GB vs RP

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    Antonio Lopez

    GB vs RP

    What do you thinks is better gift, 100GB or 100RP?
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    Antonio Lopez
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    Gary V. Foss

    GB vs RP

    Antonio Lopez wrote:

    > What do you thinks is better gift, 100GB or 100RP?
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    > Antonio Lopez
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    Hmmm. I suppose this would depend on the situation a bit.... If someone had
    100RP or GB to give away, I think the recepient would have to be pretty happy
    either way (and pretty humbled by somebody speaking to them who had so much

    Since this is an either/or question, however, I'm going to have to go with
    RPs. Anyone can collect gold, even non-regents. RPs are a much more valuable
    commodity because they are scarcer. Besides, a regent can build his domain up
    to the point where he can collect only his bloodline strength in RPs each
    domain turn. There is no limit on the amount of GB collected, so RPs are that
    much more important.


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    David Sean Brown

    GB vs RP

    100 GB is better as far as I am concerned, althogh it would delend on who
    you gave it to (a guilder probably wound't need the extra money) GBs are
    better cause they can be used for both purchashing things like castles,
    troops and such, AND can be used to affect success rolls for various
    actioun. RP can only be used to affect rools..hard to by some ships with
    Rps ;)


    On Sat, 15 Aug 1998, Antonio Lopez wrote:

    > What do you thinks is better gift, 100GB or 100RP?
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    > Antonio Lopez
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    James Ray

    GB vs RP

    I would have to go with 100 RPs. Even if you start the game with the
    maximum beginning Bloodline Strength, you would need to raise it 36 times
    to be eligible to collect that much yourself, AND would have to increase
    your Domain Power up to 100 before you
    actually COULD. With 100 RPs - use Diplomacy to talk as many of my
    neighbors as possible into vassalage agreements :)

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    > From: Antonio Lopez
    > What do you thinks is better gift, 100GB or 100RP?

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    Jim Cooper

    GB vs RP

    My answer:

    GBs - I would axe the dude that got the 100 RPs after I stole the RPs in
    an investiture (after using a few GBs to buy off the priest), and steal
    his bloodline to boot ... and use the rest of the GBs to throw a big
    party for everyone in the realm afterwards ... :D

    Achieve the same affect as if I had been given the RPs to spend, no?


    Darren (GBs are ALWAYS more valuable to have than RPs, cause RPs are a
    renewable resource - money isn't ... there never is enough of it! )
    Cooper - a.k.a The Grand Vizier

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    GB vs RP

    hmmm it seems the original question is lost to me now. let me try to
    remember. wasn't it - which would you rather have 100 GB's or 100 RP's? - to
    assume that someone was to gift it to you is not an option. in my opinion i
    would have to say it is all circumstantial. while the 100 RP's is of use to
    few of us, especially those of us who manage affairs frugally, the 100 GB's
    would prompt others to steal it from you. In the beginning, middle and end, I
    would almost always take the RP's Gold anyone can have, only a regent can
    acquire RP's.

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