I have a question that I'd like to pose to everyone to get your opinions
on it:

>From what I can tell there is no problem whatever with anyone contesting
a source holding. The landed regent can do it, a regent with a law,
guild or temple holding can as well, just like the source holder can
contest any other holding in a province. Fair's fair. Even Steven.

But how? I mean, source holdings are kind of strange, esoteric magical
things, right? How would you give a "realistic" explanation of
contesting a source holding? Contesting a guild or a temple or a law
holding makes sense. You could boot out the workers, priests or
sheriffs, hammer the doors of their buildings closed and confiscate all
their goodies. But how does one contest a mage's mystical link with a
circle of standing stones or sylvan meadow?

You could say that the contesting regent sends a bunch of guys to knock
down the standing stones or construct a strip mall in the center of the
meadow, right? But isn't that more like despoiling the source rather
than contesting it? I mean, contesting a source leaves the source
itself intact. Another mage can come along to the same source and rule
it up again, right? Stone tipping and strip mall construction would
seem to be the kinds of things that would reduce the source level of a
province from 0/7 to 0/6 doesn't it?

What do you guys think?