Hi all,

there is going to be an informal meeting (ie. no agenda; open for
discussion) for the Online City Project at the following time:

Time: Saturday, 14th August 1998 at 23:00 GMT
Place: Darkstar's Chat Room

(use the link from the OCP homepage for the web-based version. If you want
to use an IRC program like mIRC instead, then connect to Chat.talkcity.com
[port 6667] and join "BirthrightDarkstarsDomain").

This is approximately late afternoon/evening for those in the US/Canada, and
about 7:00-9:00am (Sunday morning) for those in Australia. I apologise, but
these are about the only times I know off the top of my head.

I will be there, and possibly some of the other members of the Steering
Committee (depending on their commitments). So if you want to run some ideas
by me or anyone else, discuss some aspect of the project, get reactions to
your suggestions, or just have a chat (it doesn't have to be OCP related),
then drop by. Your feedback (especially those who have joined the project)
is important, so if there are things that are working well or, more
importantly, NOT working well, this is an opportunity to speak. I assure you
that the audience will listen :-)

See you all there! Cheers everyone,


Simon Graindorge
Coordinator, Birthright Online City Project

E-mail: slg@nw.com.au
ICQ: 9222846
Online City Project Homepage: http://www.nw.com.au/~slg/OCP/