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    The Olesens

    Science and Advancement in Birt

    Jim Cooper wrote:

    > Hey folks:
    > Many people in the past couple o' weeks have expressed interest in my
    > science rules that I employ in my BR campaign. The ruling is actually
    > quite simple.
    > For what its worth, here is a rough sketch:
    > Science in Birthright
    > Given the differences in technology between the various cultures of
    > Birthright, I have always felt that this aspect hadn't been properly
    > addressed in the rules. Therefore I have added another factor to my BR
    > campaign: Science Output. (note: I have also added Luxury Output as a
    > further step to enhance my campaign, but that is for another post if any
    > of you are interested). Following the domain turn sequence, the rule is
    > as follows:
    > Step 4a: Determine Science Output
    > During this step, the DM calculates the number of tech symbols a _realm_
    > produces each domain turn. However, this step is only calculated when
    > one regent has built the following things (within the realm) using the
    > build action: a library; a university. A realm must also have the
    > following, which are necessary for a culture to develop: a court (or
    > center of power), a marketplace, a major population center (one city),
    > and have at least one well developed province (in game terms, this means
    > that the ruling regent must control at least one province of level 4+)
    > [IMC, therefore, places like the Giantdowns and the Awnsheghlien realms
    > aren't going to be producing any tech symbols; also note that, by
    > itself, Mieres wouldn't produce any tech symbols, but because its a
    > vassal to Avanil, this realm can produce science output for its lord -
    > basically, the few intellectuals of Mieres can go to Daulton to be
    > productive].
    > ***Note that only a political ruler calculates a realm's science output;
    > regents of holdings do not perform this step. However, there is no
    > reason why a ruler can't 'borrow' another regent's library or university
    > in his realm. In fact, this is a good way to split the cost of tech
    > development (and remain true to history). Thus a priest regent can
    > build the libraries and universities, and then allow a ruler's
    > population to study at their facilities, thus keeping expenses down for
    > the ruler, since a library and university should add 1 GB to the domain
    > maintenance of the holder. This would also add another handle by which
    > priest regents can influence realms.
    > To determine the science output of the realm, the ruler averages the
    > total of all provinces levels within the realm he controls, rounding
    > down. The ruler uses this value as his "science rating" (used just like
    > province rating). Look up this value on the science rating table (note:
    > just use table 17 in the BR book). For example, Avanil's science rating
    > would be "4" (37 province levels divided by 9 provinces). Cross
    > reference this science rating with the "light" column, and a die roll is
    > stated. For Avanil, this would be a d4. This is how many tech symbols
    > are generated each turn for this realm, rounding up this time.
    > Continuing to use Avanil as an example, Prince Avan's domain (Avanil,
    > Taeghas, Brosengae, and Mieres) would produce in total, on average, 6
    > tech symbols per domain turn. [As another example, in my campaign the
    > City of Anuire, a level "10" science rating, produces actually 24 tech
    > symbols per turn: 8 normal, plus the Imperial Great Library Wonder -
    > multiplies that value by 50% again for 12 - and the College of Sorcery
    > Wonder - which doubles that to 24. If anyone is looking for Civ 2
    > correlations, the Great Library and Copernicus' Observatory are the
    > rough equivalent Civ2 models].
    > Science Output is also affected by the culture of the realm. Humans
    > have no modifier to the the number of tech symbols produced each turn;
    > halfing realms produce -1 tech symbols/turn; dwarves -2/turn; elves
    > -3/turn; goblins & orogs -4/turn (yes, goblins could advance in my
    > campaign - if they built centers of learning. Mostly, its just easier
    > for them to 'steal' tech advances - see below).
    > Now, each DM can determine how many tech symbols must be accumulated
    > before a new technology is discovered. IMC, I have set the current goal
    > of 10,000 tech symbols before the next advance is made. Therefore, if
    > we take Avanil and the City of Anuire IMC, everything average, then
    > those two realms produce 120 tech symbols per year. Thus, if taken
    > together, it will take those two realms another 83 1/4 years to discover
    > the next technology advance. If this is too fast, then DMs can adjust
    > the value higher; too slow, make the value lower.
    > Regents with law holdings in another regents realm can use their law
    > holdings to 'cancel' that provinces contribution to the province ruler
    > and add its value to his own. The two regents compare the value of
    > their law holdings in the respective province, and use the province
    > owner's science rating as the value on table 18A. BOTH regents roll the
    > die listed for their comparative law holding levels (ie if the science
    > rating is '4' and the province owner owns more law, then the province
    > owner rolls a d4-1, and the contesting regent rolls a d2-1). The higher
    > roll gets to add that province's level to the calculation of their
    > science output. Ties favour the province owner.
    > DMs are well within their rights to allow inventive player regents to
    > boost the science output of their realms. IMC, however, I will only
    > allow regents to collect higher grades of science output (ie moderate or
    > severe science output) when they have actually built the Darwin's Voyage
    > equivalent Wonder [IMC, this is: "A Study into the Nature and
    > Relationships of the Races of Cerilia" - basically, someone has to
    > scientifically study, using the medicine advance and cadavers, the
    > various races in Cerilia and come up with a 'scientific understanding'
    > about the BR peoples --> like Darwin's theories, it should encourage
    > scientific study]. [This, fyi, ties in nicely with my Luxury Output
    > ruling - basically, at this point, I would allow luxury to be
    > 'converted' into extra gold bars or tech symbols, for regents].
    > Moreover, until a higher technological age is reached, I rule that only
    > Birthright Wonders can affect science output. Thus, unlike in Civ2,
    > libraries and universities don't yet multiply science output - they are
    > a requirement! Only if a regent built the "Great Imperial Medicinal
    > College of Anuire" Wonder, or something like that, would I allow as a DM
    > to modify a realm's science output. When, in the distant future, the
    > Cerilians have built the "Cottage Industry Revolution" Wonder, and
    > discovered the Steam Power advance, and have enter the Industrial Age
    > [which, btw, is not that far off IMC], things like libraries and
    > universities can add to science output (in addition to realm
    > improvements like schools - didn't someone ask about public education
    > awhile ago - here is the game effect!).
    > Fortunately, however, there is nothing stopping regents from 'giving'
    > other regents their accumulated tech symbols. This is a simple
    > exchange, using the 'grant' action. Hopefully, regents will see the
    > benefit of cooperation in making tech advances (and give another reason
    > why the Anuirean regents should unite into an empire again!). I also
    > don't see why a regent can't steal tech symbols away from another regent
    > (ie taking state secrets through espionage or enticing the brightest
    > minds of a realm away with offers and whatnot).
    > Enjoy!
    > Cheers,
    > Darren

    - -Wouldn't contested provinces not count twords the average?
    This would slow down Cerllia due to Awnsheglien attacks.
    - -I should think certian random events affect the science output.
    - -When a province has bad guys in it (a battle, brigands, monster) it souldn't
    add to the output.
    - -I would also rule that a regent could "buy" science symbols. This would work
    similar to they Build Action where you spend 10GB to double the production rate
    for that round.
    - -Certian NPCs could improve the rateing (Civ2 Scientists) or something like

    Just my ideas.

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    Jim Cooper

    Science and Advancement in Birt

    The Olesens wrote:
    > -Wouldn't contested provinces not count twords the average?

    That's right, they would not.

    > -I should think certian random events affect the science output.<

    If you, the DM, rules it that way.

    > -When a province has bad guys in it (a battle, brigands, monster) it souldn't add to the output.<

    Right again.
    > -I would also rule that a regent could "buy" science symbols. This would work similar to they Build Action where you spend 10GB to double the production rate for that round.<

    Personally, that is why I made the Luxury Output rules - if this way
    works for you, go ahead!

    > -Certian NPCs could improve the rateing (Civ2 Scientists) or something like that.<

    Only if its a PC/louie performing the research action for this domain


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