Im voting "not crazy".... was going to run it in a friends rather "Monty
Haul"-style FR campaign so I wouldnt have to wait for my own BR guys to
achieve a high enuff level to complete the adventure, but now that you have
brought it up, and I've thought about it, it sounds too good to resist.
Where to put it....Sepsis's ideas of the Giantdowns and Vosgaard are
excellent ideas, indeed. I think I'll put my own on an island
somewhere...perhaps the Krakenstaur or Baerghos Island. Isolated areas,
guarded by powerful monsters, seem to fit right in with my interpretation
of the BIG villain trying to weed out the weaklings.

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> From: Jason Mulligan
> I've been thinking about setting the new adventure 'Return to the Tomb of
Horrors' in Cerilia somewhere. Has anyone else done so? any suggestions as
to where? Am I crazy for thinking so?