Hey folks:

Many people in the past couple o' weeks have expressed interest in my
science rules that I employ in my BR campaign. The ruling is actually
quite simple.

For what its worth, here is a rough sketch:
Science in Birthright

Given the differences in technology between the various cultures of
Birthright, I have always felt that this aspect hadn't been properly
addressed in the rules. Therefore I have added another factor to my BR
campaign: Science Output. (note: I have also added Luxury Output as a
further step to enhance my campaign, but that is for another post if any
of you are interested). Following the domain turn sequence, the rule is
as follows:

Step 4a: Determine Science Output

During this step, the DM calculates the number of tech symbols a _realm_
produces each domain turn. However, this step is only calculated when
one regent has built the following things (within the realm) using the
build action: a library; a university. A realm must also have the
following, which are necessary for a culture to develop: a court (or
center of power), a marketplace, a major population center (one city),
and have at least one well developed province (in game terms, this means
that the ruling regent must control at least one province of level 4+)
[IMC, therefore, places like the Giantdowns and the Awnsheghlien realms
aren't going to be producing any tech symbols; also note that, by
itself, Mieres wouldn't produce any tech symbols, but because its a
vassal to Avanil, this realm can produce science output for its lord -
basically, the few intellectuals of Mieres can go to Daulton to be

***Note that only a political ruler calculates a realm's science output;
regents of holdings do not perform this step. However, there is no
reason why a ruler can't 'borrow' another regent's library or university
in his realm. In fact, this is a good way to split the cost of tech
development (and remain true to history). Thus a priest regent can
build the libraries and universities, and then allow a ruler's
population to study at their facilities, thus keeping expenses down for
the ruler, since a library and university should add 1 GB to the domain
maintenance of the holder. This would also add another handle by which
priest regents can influence realms.

To determine the science output of the realm, the ruler averages the
total of all provinces levels within the realm he controls, rounding
down. The ruler uses this value as his "science rating" (used just like
province rating). Look up this value on the science rating table (note:
just use table 17 in the BR book). For example, Avanil's science rating
would be "4" (37 province levels divided by 9 provinces). Cross
reference this science rating with the "light" column, and a die roll is
stated. For Avanil, this would be a d4. This is how many tech symbols
are generated each turn for this realm, rounding up this time.
Continuing to use Avanil as an example, Prince Avan's domain (Avanil,
Taeghas, Brosengae, and Mieres) would produce in total, on average, 6
tech symbols per domain turn. [As another example, in my campaign the
City of Anuire, a level "10" science rating, produces actually 24 tech
symbols per turn: 8 normal, plus the Imperial Great Library Wonder -
multiplies that value by 50% again for 12 - and the College of Sorcery
Wonder - which doubles that to 24. If anyone is looking for Civ 2
correlations, the Great Library and Copernicus' Observatory are the
rough equivalent Civ2 models].

Science Output is also affected by the culture of the realm. Humans
have no modifier to the the number of tech symbols produced each turn;
halfing realms produce -1 tech symbols/turn; dwarves -2/turn; elves
- -3/turn; goblins & orogs -4/turn (yes, goblins could advance in my
campaign - if they built centers of learning. Mostly, its just easier
for them to 'steal' tech advances - see below).

Now, each DM can determine how many tech symbols must be accumulated
before a new technology is discovered. IMC, I have set the current goal
of 10,000 tech symbols before the next advance is made. Therefore, if
we take Avanil and the City of Anuire IMC, everything average, then
those two realms produce 120 tech symbols per year. Thus, if taken
together, it will take those two realms another 83 1/4 years to discover
the next technology advance. If this is too fast, then DMs can adjust
the value higher; too slow, make the value lower.

Regents with law holdings in another regents realm can use their law
holdings to 'cancel' that provinces contribution to the province ruler
and add its value to his own. The two regents compare the value of
their law holdings in the respective province, and use the province
owner's science rating as the value on table 18A. BOTH regents roll the
die listed for their comparative law holding levels (ie if the science
rating is '4' and the province owner owns more law, then the province
owner rolls a d4-1, and the contesting regent rolls a d2-1). The higher
roll gets to add that province's level to the calculation of their
science output. Ties favour the province owner.

DMs are well within their rights to allow inventive player regents to
boost the science output of their realms. IMC, however, I will only
allow regents to collect higher grades of science output (ie moderate or
severe science output) when they have actually built the Darwin's Voyage
equivalent Wonder [IMC, this is: "A Study into the Nature and
Relationships of the Races of Cerilia" - basically, someone has to
scientifically study, using the medicine advance and cadavers, the
various races in Cerilia and come up with a 'scientific understanding'
about the BR peoples --> like Darwin's theories, it should encourage
scientific study]. [This, fyi, ties in nicely with my Luxury Output
ruling - basically, at this point, I would allow luxury to be
'converted' into extra gold bars or tech symbols, for regents].

Moreover, until a higher technological age is reached, I rule that only
Birthright Wonders can affect science output. Thus, unlike in Civ2,
libraries and universities don't yet multiply science output - they are
a requirement! Only if a regent built the "Great Imperial Medicinal
College of Anuire" Wonder, or something like that, would I allow as a DM
to modify a realm's science output. When, in the distant future, the
Cerilians have built the "Cottage Industry Revolution" Wonder, and
discovered the Steam Power advance, and have enter the Industrial Age
[which, btw, is not that far off IMC], things like libraries and
universities can add to science output (in addition to realm
improvements like schools - didn't someone ask about public education
awhile ago - here is the game effect!).

Fortunately, however, there is nothing stopping regents from 'giving'
other regents their accumulated tech symbols. This is a simple
exchange, using the 'grant' action. Hopefully, regents will see the
benefit of cooperation in making tech advances (and give another reason
why the Anuirean regents should unite into an empire again!). I also
don't see why a regent can't steal tech symbols away from another regent
(ie taking state secrets through espionage or enticing the brightest
minds of a realm away with offers and whatnot).