Hey folks:

There are now write-ups detailing the 10 council members within the
College of Sorcery in the magic section of the BROCP (that is, when the
mighty Simon and Ian have enough time to put them up there). :D

Check them out and see what you think! BTW, they aren't set in stone,
so comments and revisions are very welcome! Note: unless otherwise
stated, the members are Anuirean (unless I thought the Anuirean name
would not identify the person as someone from this culture).

P.S And don't give me any flak about their levels! :D I've had a long
day and I don't want to think about that part. :) (I had a very
scientific way of calculating them that way ... yeah, that's it!) :D

P.P.S I don't have the BROCP mainpage address handy, so you're going to
have to ask Simon for it (some help I am, eh mate!)

Darren (SC magic dude)