Here's something I've had kicking around since I was 12. Finally typed
it in today while I should have been studying. Some may recognize the
name 'sleen' from a John Norman novel (Gor Series), but IIRC, the term
'varsk' was also used in that series, so it must be o.k. Anyway, here's
a beasty that is totally non magical, and is meant to replace a common
animal (such as a bear) with something a little more 'fantasy' based'.
comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


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DIET: Carnivore
INTELLIGENCE: Animal (1) to semi (2-4)

MOVE: 15
THAC0: 16
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3 or 2
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d6+1/2d4+1
SIZE: L (8 - 10' LONG)
MORAL: High (12)

The sleen are snake-like multi legged lizards renown for their cunning
and ferocious demeanor.
Their long necks sway back and forth, smelling the air when they move
and hunt. Their eye sight is generally very poor, but their sense of
smell is extremely advanced. Thus hidden and invisible characters are
easily detected by the vicious lizards.
Their snake-like body is covered in a thick hide, giving them an
effective armour class of 8. The hide is covered in minuscule needle
like fibres, which would rub the flesh from the legs of a rider, causing
1 point of damage for every round bare flesh is contact with the beast.

Combat: Sleen are cunning hunters and ferocious by nature. They
strike by rearing up on their hind quarters, raising their forlegs into
the air and striking with their razor sharp claws. Each claw does 1d6+1
points of damage, while their bite delivers 2d4+1 points of damage.
On any attack roll of 19 or 20, the sleen is assumed to have
constricted itself around its prey, causing an automatic 1d4+1 points of
damage each round. This constriction can generally be released only
upon the death of the beast. Only characters with 16 strength or more
may attempt to pry themselves free. A strength check must be rolled
each round at a cumulative -1 penalty. A trapped character has ¼ his
constitution score in which to escape or die of suffocation. In
addition, when the sleen commits itself to a constriction attack, it is
able to wrap it's 12 legs around its' prey, and coils it's tail around
itself, and begins thrashing violently until the prey is dead. While
doing so, the sleen is a -1 to hit due to the speed and randomness of
the violent movements. With its long neck, the sleen may still employ
it's biting attack, but seldom has need to do so in the wild.
The sleen are very patient and diligent hunters by nature, and have
been known to track the same prey for days on end before finally
striking. The beasts are able to remain absolutely motionless for great
periods of time, rendering them 90% invisible, and strike with
incredible speed, giving them the incredible initiative value. Their
motionless ability also imparts the sleen with the ability to surprise
its prey very easily, effectively surprising on a roll of 5 or less.

Habitat/Society:The sleen has never been successfully domesticated.
Captured sleen typically die after a month or so, and have never been
known to breed while in captivity. It is commonly held that the beasts
very nature prevents it from serving as a beast of burden in anyway.
Being solitary creatures, sleen are encountered in pairs only during
their mating season (early spring) and even then, will only remain
together for a few hours before taking leave of each other. The female
will give birth to 4 - 8 live young, who cling to her back for a little
over a month before they begin hunting for themselves, and are fully
mature by 6 months, when they abandon their mother and strike out on
their own.
Sleen are territorial creatures and will jealously gaurd their chosen
domain (which may be several hundred square miles) from other sleen,
especially those of the same sex.
Sleen are one of the few animals which will fight each other to the

Ecology: The sleen has adapted to almost every climate/terrain type, but
all exhibit similar behaviours. The ice sleen of Rjurik and Vosgaard
has a thick layer of fur, the forest sleen, common throughout the wild
areas of central Aebyrnis, is slightly smaller for improved
manoeuverability, and the common prairie sleen has advanced legs for
running. There is also a sea sleen variety, but these are extremely
rare. Scholars maintain that the sea sleen is a dying breed. All are
extremely dangerous and exceptional hunters.
Sages suspect that the sleen may be related to the great varsk, for the
two beasts share some striking similarities. However, the wild and
untamed ferociousness of the sleen has been a point of constant debate,
and some are convinced the sleen are a breed unto themselves, being
quick to point out that varsk and sleen will attack one another on
sight. The debate continues among the scholarly, but such trival
matters are of little consequence to the majority of people.
The beast hide can be dried and hardened and can be used for leather
armours, clothing, and other leather works. The gullet of the beasts is
considered a delicacy in Rjurik, and mages covet the sleens tongue and
claws which are useful components for many minor combat spells.

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