> Why does Haelyn, ostensibly a god of Good and Law, allow his priests to
> Evil? Is this acceptance or is it the god's way of trying to pull them
> into the fold? My understanding of a priest is that being that has just
> enough faith in him that he attracts the special attention of the
> So why? I can see Haelyn as being more willing to use those evil priests
> to further his divine ends, so long as they support the concepts of
> Law, and Courage.

Hey! There is nothing stating Haelyn is the god of Goodness! He┬┤s the god
of War and Leadership (AoC in the BR rulebook). He┬┤s also described as the
"lord of courage, justice, and chivlary".
The only Evil alignment a Priest of Haelyn can have is LE (BoP 17). I
think it is possible for a LE priest to follow all of Haelyn┬┤s tenets as
well as any good or neutral priest. I even think he would make a better
priest than a CG one.
The alignement liberties BR gives to priests characters is one thing I
really like about this world. Instead of being a black and white world
where priests are miniature mortal versions of their gods ( ex:
Dragonlance), Cerilia is grey - you can have an alignment diferent from
your god┬┤s but still worship him as faithfully as another priest who has
the god┬┤s same alignment.
Instead you can assume that Cerilia┬┤s gods (exept the Dwarven phanteon) are
still very young (a few thousand of years is a short time for a god) and
having been mortals they still retain some vainity. At the present time
their only wish is to have followers with little descriminations - as long
as they worship me it┬┤s all OK - as they are still unacustomed to the
worshiping procedure (but they like it A LOT!). Maybe in a few thousands of
years they mature and begin to get more selective with their priests (no
evil ones for Haelyn, only true neutrals for Erik, no lawful ones to Sera
and so on).

Just my thoughts