Well I am working on a program I am calling "Seneschal" that will do the
tracking holdings part (although, eventually, I hope to have it be able to
do alot more, including all those things you mentioned). Have a look at my
Website (http://www.uq.net.au/~zzphodge) for some more info on it. It's
almost done, but I am waiting to hear from WotC/TSR about possible copyright
infringement (etc) before I make it available (it's been over a month now
since I e-mailed them about it and still no reply :( )

Other than that though, I have never really found a pen and paper method
which makes tracking all that info "easy". My current method is simply a
binder which has a section for each and every realm I need to update
regularly. It's still alot of work but at least I can find things quickly.

Hope some of that helps a little.

Peter "Dragon" Hodge
E-mail: dragon@uq.net.au
Website: Dragon's Lair ( www.uq.net.au/~zzphodge)
ICQ: 2863795

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> Well Thanks for all the replies to my last question, but since I'm new I
> got another question...Okay...ready? Well I have been having a really
> hard time keeping track of the monsters Gold Pieces, their actions,
> actions of people who have holdings in their land, and the like. So I
> was wondering if anyone had any tips or whatever to help me out. It was
> so hard for me that We quit playing for a while becasue of it but now
> we' are gonna start again so I guess I have to brace myself.
> Aedan
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