Thanks for the replies, all. Helps set things out quite a bit.

There was however a nice reference to how the worshipers of a deity might
feel if that deity were to grant powers to the Sidhe, and this brings up
another nagging thought:

Why does Haelyn, ostensibly a god of Good and Law, allow his priests to be
Evil? Is this acceptance or is it the god's way of trying to pull them
into the fold? My understanding of a priest is that being that has just
enough faith in him that he attracts the special attention of the deity...
So why? I can see Haelyn as being more willing to use those evil priests
to further his divine ends, so long as they support the concepts of Honor,
Law, and Courage.

Now take into consideration that a cleric desiring to start a new temple
decides on his own that evil is unacceptable, obviously Haelyn doesn't go
right off and say "well, gee, I'm going to stop giving spells to my evil
priests" because a player says so...

Thoughts and views welcome, nay, encouraged!

Tim Nutting