Hmm, this seemed to get lost in the ether first time round, so I'll try
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In my campaign I am going to my best to portray Battlewaite as a sort of
Barad-Dur (I think that's the right name) - Sauron's "tower" in Mordor.

"Kal-Sathirak rises out of the Quivering Forest like an accusing finger
pointed straight at the heavens. Foul gases issue from gaping fissures
around the base of the edifice, products of the unspeakable practices that
the Gorgon's servants undertake for their Master in the endless miles of
tunnels and caverns that spread beneath Kal-Sathirak. Kal-Sathirak's gate,
called the Jaws of Shadow , opens only when the Gorgon himself emerges to
lead his hordes across Cerilia. The tower is a massive construct, hewn, it
seems, from the one massive, black stone. A myriad of spires jab into the
forever clouded sky above the Gorgon's Crown. Rising from heart of
Kal-Sathirak is a spire as like to those surrounding it as an ancient oak is
to a young sapling. It's crown is hidden amongst the black clouds, streaked
with red and ravaged by lightning, that roil like a thing in pain. From that
horrible height, far above the Hall of Shadow, the Gorgon plots the downfall
of all who oppose him. His afeard servants whisper amongst themselves that
nowhere in Cerilia is safe from his gaze."

The above passage is as observed by Timaeras Bachie, more commonly known as
the "Ranger of the Crown" taken from "The Gorgon's Crown", a Birthright
accessory I am writing on, obviously, the Gorgon's Crown (including
Kal-Sathirak and the dungeons beneath it). Check out my Website for more

Peter "Dragon" Hodge
Website: Dragon's Lair (
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> Anyone ever wonder what the Gorgon's home castle might be like? Just
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> might jump
> start my own creativity. Like, how large are his dungeons? Any massive
> labyrinths? What's the Throne Room like? Does he have a mockup of the
> Iron Throne so he can pretend he rules Cerilia?
> Thanks
> Tim Nutting
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