Yeah, this is something I have always been really unsure about. Rather than
quantify each action with a number of experience points, I have instead
given XP based on how the PC in question role-played the incident. This
works for me as I run domain actions almost as little adventures (for
example, if the PC regents wants to contest another regent's holding, he has
to actually tell me what steps he is going to take. So, instead of saying "I
will contest so-and-so's holding, he has to come up with what he thinks
would be the appropriate actions to achieve the same result as a contest
action. I find it takes a little of the "sameness" out of domain actions.
(ie. no two actions of the same type will be the same as the circumstances,
regent in question, etc, will be different).
Then I give the PC XP based on how well I think he role-played the idea,
dealt with any problems I threw at him, etc. Overall, tho, I tend to keep
the experience gained from domain actions fairly low (like no more 100-200
XP for a normal domain action but major successes, like using a Diplomacy
action to avert a major war can be worth up to 500 or more XP) as this helps
to encourage my PCs to get off their thrones and into adventures. It also
depends on the PC's level - once the XP gap between level gets higher, I
tend to award more per action. Basically, it's a pretty flexible system that
lets me award XP at a rate that doesn't let my PCs advance in levels too

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