I am personally a fan of the elves "godless" existence and so would instead
take that statement to mean that an elf can worship one of the human deities
in the same way that the vast majority of humans do - as "parishioners"
rather than actual priests. The elves have been without gods of their own
for something like 18,000 years (if I remember my time-line correctly) so I
think it would take a little more than an elf just deciding that he wanted
to worship a god to be allowed to be a priest of that god. Any elf
worshipping a human (or any race for that matter) deity would probably have
this little kernel of disbelief that 18,000 or so years of elven history has
built up and simply not be able to achieve the same degree of belief as
human priests, who, after all, have had gods for as far back as the records

Just my thoughts.

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> I know there's been lots of debate on the list about these guys, and
> several people have decided that they use variants of druids or
> shamans for
> elvish priests, but in reading through Tuarhievel player's
> secrets there is
> an interesting note on religion. Human religions are outlawed there, but
> there is a special provision made that mentions that if an elf chooses to
> worship a human deity, that is his choice, he just can't say
> anything there
> at home.
> Would this indicate to anyone else that one of the Sidhe could be a priest
> in the class sense of the word? It does to me...
> Semi-related: What about a druid class that uses the optional
> Preserver/Defiler rules out of Chapter 6 in PO: Spells & Magic? any
> thoughts?
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