> >A level 7 source allows the wizard the equivalent of a level 0 guild
> >holding. However, with this "guild" holding, he can only establish
> trade
> >routes, not anything else...
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This was always one of the birthright rules to send you a little
crazy as it is a little ambigous. I presume it was written to allow
mages to generate GB's when they have 0 (ie they don't have the cash to
build a 0 level guild).
The rules say that it is an equivalent of a 0-level guild, does
this effect the number of guild holdings available in a province because
in a non-elven area the maximum a province could be is 2/7 thus allowing
one guild, and if someone else has that guild?

This situation has only come up once in my experience, I allowed
the mage to export from his forest creating a trade route of spell
components and healing herbs (they had Herbalism NWP). One friend
mentioned he was in a campaign as a CE True mage and he used several
swamp sources as an area for growing drugs.

If you want to use this rule do so, but you may have to find a
rationale to use it. ( It never generates a large amount of cash as one
end of the trade route is always small).