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    Jim Paterson

    Home grown rules

    At 12:43 PM 6/08/98 -0500, you wrote:

    >>Does this mean a wizard doesn't need a guild holding to set up a trade

    >A level 7 source allows the wizard the equivalent of a level 0 guild
    >holding. However, with this "guild" holding, he can only establish trade
    >routes, not anything else...

    That's how the wizard players figured it, they justify it as trade in magical
    components, spells and other magic resourses.

    Thanks for the help.

    Cheers; Jim Paterson

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    Jim Paterson

    Home grown rules

    At 11:24 AM 6/08/98 -0400, you wrote:

    >By how much is magic depleted? I assume we are talking Source here.

    As you can see these rules make reference, in several places, to other home
    grown rules.

    I work magic depletion as -1 off source level strait of the bat.
    Then a further -1 each year during midsummer if the player rolls
    a 6 on a D6.

    I understand that there is are rules for magic devastation in one
    of the modules, but I was unaware of this when I made up this rule.

    >Again, how does it affect Famine? In what way is it reduced?

    This could reduce the effect of a disaster by one level.

    >>6.2.1 MINES*; Mines are marked on the map. Add +1GBs to foreign trade links
    >from the entire realm. Mines can deplete magic.

    >Same here as with Timber, by how much is the Source reduced?

    Same as above, cumulative

    >>6.3.2 GEMS or IVORY; Gems and Ivory symbols are printed on the map. Gems
    >and Ivory double the value of all trade links from the province in all seasons
    >except winter.

    >>6.3.3 MITHRIL or GOLD. Gold doubles the number of trade links the realm may

    >Shouldn't these affect Sources as well? And what is the upper limit (at some
    >point these resources should run dry, this could apply to Timber, and Mines
    >as well)?

    Your are correct these two groups should reduce magic the same as the others

    I figured the timber & mines (and Gold, Gems, Ivory and Mithril) all run
    dry when the magic level in the province reaches "0"

    Cheers; Jim Paterson

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