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>You said (I cut it) that you took out the Blood and Abilities rules, which
>is fine, but what have you done about Regency Points? We've had some debate
>before about non-blooded regents, I'm interested in hearing your take on it.

We still use them as is, but call it "Regency Strength". It is a characteristic
added to the characters stats, it's gained and lost the same as in the standard rules.

>>Can someone explain the "Barred actions" for wizard regents to me

> If a wizard controls ONLY sources, then there are actions he cannot
>perform. If he controls other holdings or provinces, that chart doesn't
> I think the rationalization is that a source doesn't really provide a
>connection to the people, like the other holdings do, so actions which
>affect people are harder to perform for a regent who controls only sources.

Does this mean a wizard doesn't need a guild holding to set up a trade route?

Anyhow here are some of my rules; the numbers are mine and have nothing to do with
birthright rules

6.0 New Actions

6.1 Build, Free, Develop, 1 to 6 GB. Success 5+

Allows the regent to develop a resource in the realm. Resources can be -- Mines,
Woods, Stock, Fur, Crops, etc etc.

6.1.0 Common Developments; can be developed in any province that suits cost 1GB

6.1.1 TIMBER*; Any province with forests can develop timber. Adds +1 to building
time die rolls. Timber developments are required before a forge, advanced forge or
shipyard can be built. Timber depletes magic.

6.1.2 CROPS;** any grasslands or steppe province can develop crops adds +1GBs to
the tax roll of a province in all Spring, Summer and Autumn turns that a "no event" is
rolled. Crops also lessen the effects of famines.

6.1.3 CLOTH CROP;** Any temperate grasslands plains province with a river can
grow cloth, cloth adds +1GBs to trade routes with other realms for the province with cloth.

6.1.4 LIVESTOCK;** Livestock may be developed in any grasslands, steppe, hills and
some mountains provinces. Live stock adds +1GBs to tax rolls in all seasons when a no
event is rolled and +2GBs in spring turns when a no event is rolled.

6.1.5 FISHING.** Adds +1GBs to tax rolls in all seasons except winter. Fishing may
only be developed in a coastal province.

6.1.6 BEER or WINE. Any province with hills and rivers can develop wine. Wine adds
+1GBs to guild roll of that province all year round if a no event is rolled. Wine may
also be developed by temples in which case it adds +1GBs to temple rolls all year round
when no event is rolled.

* A road must lead from the timber development to the work face to gain the bonus.
this is a one of, multiple timber developments don't give multiple +1 to building.
** Guilds can also have these developments, but whoever develops it, only one may
be developed in each province.

:note to listmembers; on my campaign map I have the following items marked on the
map they represent deposits of rare materials, and are quite often fought over.

6.2 Uncommon Developments; are marked on map cost 1-3 GBs to develop

6.2.1 MINES*; Mines are marked on the map. Add +1GBs to foreign trade links from
the entire realm. Mines can deplete magic.

6.2.2 HORSES; Stock symbols are marked on the map. Add +1GBs to all foreign
trade links from the realm, also pay 25% less to muster cavalry troops if the
stock is horses.

6.2.3 FUR; Fur symbols are marked on the map. Add +2GBs to trade links from the
province with fur only.

6.2.4 HOLY SITE. Doubles income of temples in the province during the DT in which
falls the festival of that god. Also adds +1 to the temple level allowed in the province.
If the Holy site is of an unknown god in that province, then development will mean a trail
pilgrims crossing the realm during the festival of that god.

6.2.5 MAGIC VORTEX. Doubles the province owned souses strength once per year
at mid- summer, it also allows the sours level in the province to exceed it's maximum by one.

6.3 Rare Developments (marked on the map) Cost 1-6 GBs to develop

6.3.1. SILK. Silk symbols are printed on the map. silk developments add +2GBs to all
foreign trade links the realm has.

6.3.2 GEMS or IVORY; Gems and Ivory symbols are printed on the map. Gems and
Ivory double the value of all trade links from the province in all seasons except winter.

6.3.3 MITHRIL or GOLD. Gold doubles the number of trade links the realm may

Each trade route may only be affected by one of the above, no multiple benefits.

The benefit gained from one of these developments is void if the trading partner
already has similar trade goods from some other trade source. Rather than figure
this out or if the trade route is overseas, an option is to roll a D20 when you
set the trade route up, if the roll is 10+ for common items then the partner already
has the good, likewise a roll of 15+ for uncommon goods mean they already have that
produce, and a roll of 20 means they already have you rare item, thanks very much,
and require no more.

Cheers; Jim Paterson