Well, Norway may be an exception but I know most medieval kingdoms had
only vague ideas on how many people they actually had much less an exact
census. You figure most of your citizens are illiterate and have no IDs,
birth certificates, or even an exact idea of the date. Making a
mandatory 18 YO conscription would be silly in a "real world". Just
getting the new regulation to everyone would be difficult; no radio, no
newspaper, no huge government bureaucracy.

I was just commenting on the BR campaign where anything goes. If you are
the DM and your citizens all carry Swiss watches and social security
numbers, GREAT. However, if you play in "Ronnie's World" you'll find
implementing modern concepts a bit tough. Besides in my campaign
eighteen year olds are probably veterans. With a harsh life and
primitive life style thirteen year olds are raw recruits. Is it "real
world"? Hell no, it's a fantasy world. It's not like the middle ages
were. It's like the middle ages should have been. *smile*

The players except this "limitation" because I would frown just the same
on other modern concepts like telling your craftsmen how to make better
swords or bows. Or giving your military commanders twentieth century
tactics. They role play as a person of BR, using the existing technology
to their advantage. The notion of the Total War doctrine is way too
modern for these people. Next, we'll be seeing griffins carrying mustard
gas canisters. *grin*

Semper Fidelis,

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James Ray wrote:

> I agree whole-heartedly. Not EVERY country gets any such "freebies"
> in
> regards to their military units, so its a little imbalancing to the
> game to
> have allowed them later, in the various campaign expansions. Anuire,
> in
> particular, gets hit hard, BTW. Hopefully the BR revision that is
> supposed
> to comeout next year will take care of that.
> "Simper Fidelis".....sounds like a fellow Marine :)