Well I know I havn't added much to my Adurian site lately (ok nothing)
but I was wondering if anyone was interesting in creating part of it to
help me out. I don't really have the time to work on my Birthright
projects at the moment.

So what I was thinking was opening up all the realms in the the
following region for people on this list to create (using the same
format I have used). I will put the basic maps that I have already
created up on the page tonight and anyone who is interested can choose a
realm and describe it. That way all of Aduria will be completed a lot
If anyone is interested check out the Adurian Homepage at
http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Labyrinth/8099/ and check out the
scanned maps I have put there (ok they are not great, but will do for

The following empires are one's I would like to create
- - Adurian Empire
- - Juh
- - Nehalim Empire
- - Ghanim Empire
- - Chorbrag
- - Asla Jungles

But everything else is not as important to my vision of Aduria so I am
willing to let others create those realm.

So if you are interested in creating a realm or two let me know which
realm and I will give you the basic info for that particular realm and
you are free to work from that to create your own vision of what it
should look like within a few guidelines. The far southern Kingdom are
probably the best to choose as I havn't had time to create a specific
culture for that region so what ever you come up with there goes.

- - Limited number of blooded regents in Aduria so most realm don't have
them. So there needs to be a good reason if a regent is to be blooded.
- - I have to approve everything before it is put on the page.
- - New races are permitted, but the controlling race of each realm has
already been set.
- - The basic info I provide should be used as a guideline for the culture
of the region. So it would not be possible to create a Inca nation in
Neha which is mainly Egyptian type culture.

So there we go, now who is interested in signing up to create a kingdom
or two. With nothing much coming out of TSR at the moment here is your
chance to provide a new expansion for Birthright players everywhere. I
would have liked to have done it myself, but the way it has been going
lately it would be years before I finished. If everyone chips in a realm
or two it could be done within months.

- --
Ian Hoskins

e-Mail: hoss@box.net.au
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Aduria: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Labyrinth/8099/

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