In my current campaign I had a PC who was also trying similar "Modern
Day" ideas such as your 18 YO conscription. There's no black and white
answer, and it depends on your gaming style. I refused the ideas with

The world of Birthright is not 20th century earth. There are no
tractors, high tech pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, etc. This is more
like the Middle Ages earth. It takes a lot of your population to be
working the fields. Telling the farms they loose there workforce for a
one year conscription is going to cause problems. Of course if you are
the Gorgon, have troubles with over population, and don't give a crap
about what your subjects think go right ahead. I never said they
couldn't try such enlightened ideas. They were more or less given the
possible ramifications of such actions. Shoot, just use the levies rules
when they attempt this.

Semper Fidelis,

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I have a question that should flow along with this idea. My PC ruler of
Rohrmarch, after repelling the Gorgon, has decided to implement a rule
where as the population of the nation when they turn 18 must serve for
year in a militia to learn either military tactics or must learn the
healing arts. This is similar to what one of the awnsheigh (sp?) did, I
believe either the Siren or the Banshee (whoo!). Could this constitute
new battle card, a unit of healers? When placed under another unit
this one a military unit, that card now has one or two extra hit points?
If the unit dies then both units die to keep it fair. Just an idea.