Didn't seem to come through the first time, so I'm resending it.

>This is an announcement of the Savage Coast campaign now converted to
>Birthright rules. Some of you are already familiar with my Mystaran
>Birthright conversion. The SC conversion can be found at my website (see my
>sig below), just go to Mystaran Birthright page. For the uninitiated, the
>Savage Coast was originally introduced by Bruce Heard in his "Voyage of the
>Princess Ark" articles in Dragon magazine. It was later converted to AD&D
>Red Steel boxed set, and is now available for free download at
>ftp://ftp.mpgn.com/Gaming/ADND/Worlds/SavageCoast (or something like that).
>A new Savage Coast Birthright PBEM (which I'm *not* DMing) will be starting
>soon, so anyone wishing to play in it should download the conversion info
>and the SC materials. Where else can you play a dog-man, a spider-creature
>able to polymorph into humanoid form, a manscorpion, a gator-man, a winged
>minotaur, or an ogre-kin?
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