IMC, I roll a percentage, and if its less then or equal to the Blood
Strength of the Blooded individual then the Ability overcomes the magic item
or spell. When two conflicting BAs (say "Know Bloodline" and "Hide
Bloodline" or somesuch) are involved the one with the greater BS wins out.


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From: Jim Cooper
Date: Tuesday, July 28, 1998 7:48 PM

>For magic items that prevent the detection of alignment/esp stuff/etc.
>do they still work against bloodpowers? Example: We have an amulet that
>prevents people from reading the wearer's mind. Now a wearer of said
>amulet tells a lie; it just so happens that he is talking to a scion who
>has the Detect Lie blood ability. Is divine essence stronger than
>magical constructs/spells?