Got any cartoonists out there? I got an idea for a cartoon related to TSR stoping
the makeing of new BR products (the subject was only meant to be catchy, note my
phrasing of the last sentence).

I was lying there looking at the BR logo sideways when I thought, "wouldn't it be
funny if someone came along and pulled out the sowrd and all the letters colapsed"
for some strange reason.

So here is my cartoon idea. It is best done in three sections:
Part One:
BR logo is standing hilt-up on ground. A guy with a TSR T-Shirt is pulling at
Part Two:
The letters are in a pile at the bottom and the TSR guy is sheathing the sword
and kicking the letters off a cliff.
Part Three
We (ie BR players) are below the cliff catching the letters as they fall and
putting them back in order.

Well I hope you get the idea. Perhaps (I wouldn't know) such a cartoon would help
influsance TSR to keep going. Any changes/comments would be welcome.