Sierra makes a computer game called....well okay, Birthright. With it's
latest patch you can make each kingdom under "DM control". It's not the end
all for DM though. It has no printing or direct information manipulation.
Yes, you could do a screen capture but, eeessssh. Anyway, you can muck
around with the characters and scenario itself via some other Tools free
from Sierra.

I use it for general information. You notice the Birthright manuals give
some kingdom army information and lacks others? Well, fire up the 'ole
computer and look at the various kingdoms. Roads, Character stats, and other
stuff is all right there.

Yes, I do play this computer version as is from time to time but, it's not
quite the same as sitting around a table. In multiplayer you can't adventure
or enjoy the tactical battles.

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Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Battle Card Woes

What tool are you talking about exactly you are referring to somekind of a
dm tool (I have a great deal of interest in this field I am trying too
find time to write a birthright tool myself