Okay, I'm ready to hear some of your ideas on battle cards and

Background: All players play in person and have been playing AD&D for

Battle Cards: Currently, the battles can get confusing on who's cards
are who's. They all look similar and with hits they change facing. I put
paper clips on one side and use a black paper clip when units engage.
Anyone have a better way for this? Yes, I have the Battle system from
eons ago but, that would take too long.

Diplomacy: Currently, I make up some random roll off the top of my head.
But, the players always point out that the RULES say 10+ on a diplomacy
action. Anyone have charts to reflect the things that the Computer
version tracks? If not, I think I'll run have to write them down myself.
I've already found the computer version to be a nice reference for
several things. Roads, starting troop strengths, etc. are all there. If
it could print information and actually allow raw data entry it would
make a hell of a DM tool.

Semper Fidelis,