Hey there.

I have been running a campaign set in the khinasi lands (the Black
Spear Tribes to exact) and have found much of the Al'Qadim
supplements/adventures fit into the khinasi lands very well. The only
changes are makeing mages blooded as well as some key characters, and
you have some very good khinasi adventures.

I have also converted some Ravenloft (mainly I6-Ravenloft, but some of
the new stuff as well) for use as the shadow world. It generally has a
creepy feel to it, so it works nicely.

Has anyone else adapted any other products, adventures or supplements
to BR? Are there any suggestions for other adaptations?

I know there is a TON of stuff for Forgotten Realms, but I have not run
much in that world (and only recently played in it) so I'm not sure what
could be useful.

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