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    Farmed but not Populated

    Hey guys, O.K., say you have a province roughly the size of Alklund
    (4/1- Rohrmarch). Now, if I want it to be completely tamed & farmed,
    it's a level 5/0 right. But, what if I want the region to be totally
    farmed, but not densely populated. What level is it then?
    (I'm thinking of it as an agricultural region which exports most of it's
    crops to other more densely populated regions.)



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    Tim Nutting

    Farmed but not Populated

    Note however that 5/0 is not the max province level. This has been one of
    the great misperceptions about the provincial rating system in BR. The
    second number is merely the potential source, and they type of terrain sets
    that. The type of terrain also sets the maximum height of the first number
    so (province level/potential source) is the way of looking at it.

    You need to define dense population. Levels 1-3 are sparse to moderate
    population, 4-6 are moderate increasing upward, 7-9 are densely populated,
    and 10 is packed (like Imperial City)

    I don't know the pages, but somewhere in the rulebook there is a set number
    range for each population rating.

    Hope that helps


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