Greetings all! I have watched the list for a while now and have noticed it
is somewhat not as active as it used to be. Maybe it is just I, but it
appears that way. Well anyways, to give ya something to read, here is a
summary of my campaign. We have played on this campaign now for 1 1/2
years. We play every weekend, so you can imagine how many sessions this
consists of! We have 7 players (half the time), up to as many as 9
players and always has 5 at the table. So with that in mind, here is my
campaign. If I had to name it, I'd call it "Alive from the Dead". Note:
I'll be sending it in parts and "chapters" so to speak. This part is the
introduction and first two major incidents the group was involved with.
Let me know what you think! maybe a few of ya can get some ideas from our
campaign. This is BY FAR the most enjoyable campaign I have ever played in
and is also the longest. The Birthright setting is so amazing in the
things that can be done with it! Enjoy!

Section 1: Domain
The players selected Dhoesone as their domain. This was very adequate for
what we intended. There is a LOT of NPC regents within the domain and much
the PC's could do. Also, with it's geographical location, diplomacy is a
MUST! The Blood Skull Barony to the North. The Giantdowns to the East,
Tuarieviel (spelling ?) to the South East, Cariele to the South, Thurazor
to the Southwest, and Stjorvik to the North West. Needless to say, there
is a LOT of opportunity for NPC interaction.

Section 2: The Players & Characters
I guess you'd have to know the players to know how fitting their characters
are. But, from the descriptions, you'll get the idea.

Alex: Alex is an interesting fellow. He does things that are out of the
ordinary, however he usually conforms to the groups desires. Alex began
with 2 characters. One, an Anuirian Priestess of Rournil, named Roesann.
This character was easily the worst at the table with low stats and
extremely low hit points, but her major ability to detect life was a HUGE
asset. Alex' 2nd character was her lieutenant. A "sophisticated" Rjurik
fighter from Svinik, named McShane. He had traveled to Dhoesone to inquire
more about the Auirian culture, and when he had the opporunity to become a
lieutenant for a regent priestess, he lept at the chance. He is a capable
fighter wielding his claymore sword and adapting to his new plate mail
armor. He was not a regent, however he does carry the essence of the gods.

Chris: Not our best player by far, Chris still has a lot of learning to
do. He originally began the campaign with two other characters. However,
due to ill playing, they are deceased and now he plays a male priest of
Eric, named Elberon. His Rjurik origin has caused a few problems for some
members of Dhoesone, but his greatest setback is his bloodline derivation
of Azrai! This has caused him to keep tight reigns on his character so
that it doesn't slip beyond the "edge" and become another evil abomination.

Eric: The best way to describe Eric is by the alignment, Chaotic Neutral!
No one, sometimes including Eric himself, knows what this guy is going to
do! He has been known to have his characters jump from hundreds of feet
off cliffs to end up safely somehow! His style of play is extremely
unpredictable, and if any of you are DM's out there that has had a player
like this, you know it is VERY hard to surprise a player like this! Eric
controls two characters as well. His first, a female bard named Delsenora
(taken from where? You got it!) and his second a male priest of Neisiere.
The priest is basically a lieutenant to the bard. The bard has active say
so in the following players guilds.

Craig: A likeable guy who comes solely for the benefit of having fun.
Nonargumentive, laid back, never whines, never complains, just comes to
enjoy himself and the game, a real player and DM's best friend! :) Craig
runs a dwarven fighter/thief called Bobanobbin the Dwarf. He is the acting
regent of the Emerald Miners guild in Dhoesone. He receives much support
from Eric's bard and has become the official guild of Dhoesone. However,
it has not been an easy journey, which you will soon find out.

Jerry: Probabally the smartest player I've ever seen (definetly). He is
the one that keeps me constantly on my toes. The mage is his favorite
class and so it was not surprising when he choose to play an Elven Wizard.
So how does an Elven wizard fit in huh? Well, easily actually. We just
Fhielle Dhoesone's background and basically gave it to him! He is the
half-brother of Fhileriene of Tuaraviel and is from the same line as
Rhoubhe Manslayer himself! (Albiet they are faintly related) Jerry
entered the campaign with the idea that he'd like to become an awnsheigh or
ersheigh over the course of the campaign. So we put our heads together and
from the character creation, we got an idea. He rolled up the bloodmark
ability. Then he choose to make his bloodmark this, his elf is silver from
head to toe! It was easy to come up with a "mysterious" type of background
from there. Considering his distant relatives and his strong bloodline
plus his bloodmark, he became the "Silver Elf".

Doug: Doug is playing the current regent of Dhoesone, Dawin Dhoesone, a
Paladin of Cuiricean (Spelling ?) The King has been through a lot in his 9
levels of campaigning, but he has developed into a strong and capable
leader and regent. He is by far our most improved player having only
played any AD&D for only 6-7 months before joining our campaign. The King
has had many brushes with death and has somehow always managed to be tough
enough to stick it out. He was a main target of the local guilders and
templars when the campaign first began, however since regulating the guilds
to just two main contenders and localizing the temples to just two as well,
his main concerns have now began with the domains around him.

Tommie: This is I, the DM. I have played D&D since the day I was 10, so
for 15 years now I have done this! Wow! Anyways, this campaign has been
filled with so much stuff that it even amazes me how I came up with some of
it! :) Oh well, I suppose that's just the way it oes sometimes!

Section 3: The Beginning of the Nightmare
When the campaign first started, the characters had a blast coming
together and communicating between each others domains. It took no time at
all for the likeable dwarven guilder and his lovely assistant, Delsenora
the Bard, to take to the King's liking. Before long, the three had molded
into friends. Alex' regent, the Priest of Rournil, would take a little
longer, however, a "mutual" trust was agreed upon. The most complex
situation for me was getting the Silver Elf involved. He began the
campaign as basically a non-heard-of freak, however, after a few adventures
and a few well met challenges, the Silver Elf slowly became feared. His
reputation had lead people to believe he was an awnsheighlien. He seeked
audience at the King's court to entice the leader to allow him to control
the sources along side the King's cousin, Clumine Dhoesone. In exchange
for assistance and regency support, the King allowed him to partake of the
available sources. They would be needed, for two early challenges awaited
the group.
Section 4: The First Awnsheiglien
The first challenge happened to follow an encouter the group had with a
patrol of raiding gnolls from the Blood Skull Barony. The King decided to
lead the group personally into the province of Dharlien to defend against
the raiding party. Near the close of the battle, however, the group would
be VERY surprised. As the few remaining gnolls retreated into the forest,
suddenly a huge "wave" of soil could be seen. (Looks like Bugs Bunny
travelling underground. Get the picture?) It travelled right toward a
fleeing gnoll. Then, right before their eyes, the gnoll was pulled
underground, and out of sight, going down in a wail of screams and hollars.
The group began searching the area. While they searched, the dwarf called
out that there was movement behind them! There was a wave of soil heading
straight for them. The group scrambled! Some up trees, others hiding in
bushes. Then from under the ground appeared a HUGE rodent. Red glowing
eyes and four feet with RAZOR sharp claws (acted as a sword of sharpness).
It's snout and body indicated that it was a mole. They noticed that it was
searching the ground vicously, never looking up. The Silver Elf decided to
test a quick theory of his and threw a small stone from his tree onto the
ground some 15 feet from the creature. The result was astonishing! A
fiery blast of flame came spewing from the creature's mouth, toasting
everything within 20 yards from the creature's mouth. After it searched
and scratched a little more, the creature gave up it's prowl and headed
back underground. The group would not confront "The Mole" at this time,
but they would begin researching ans studying every possible thing they
could about the creature and it's habitats.

Section 4: The Believers
The second main challenge would arise to create more than just a few
problems. An Elven cult named "The Believers" would organize themselves
together to create havoc and destruction in the human settlements. The
Believers, unknown to the group at that time, were a band of followers of
Rhoubhe Manslayer! They hated humans for all they were worth and were
determined to get their elven nations back! Using the Aelvenwode as thier
primary base, the elves would be able to move quickly and undetectable.
The guilders in Dhoesone started becoming impatient with the constant raids
on their holdings and a few guilders even lost a holding or two. The elves
would also strike other settlements, killing innocent people. This quickly
grabbed the King's attention, but despite his efforts to put a hold on the
activities, the raids continued. The small band of elves were able to
elude the King's garrison of army units, and so King Dawin would have to
think of another way to control both mobs! The guilders, becoming
extremely impatient and untolerable to the king's inability to end the
crisis, took it upon themselves to remove the threat. A local guilder,
Kaine, began the movement. Kaine was a really "nice" guy anyways. After
becoming distraught with Galien Thuried's ability to lead the guild, Kaine,
Thuried's lieutenant, murdered him and took over the guild. Now he was
determined to remove the elven threat as well. He organized a mob of
humans who became known as "The Elf Haters". While this name was
appropriate, it went much deeper than a simple hate. The group would begin
raiding themselves, and therefore would even go to the outter edges of
Tuaraviel and attack elves there! This did nothing short of enraging the
Believers. So, they decided to pay one Silver Elf a visit. They would ask
the elf what was important to him, the assisting of the brutal humans that
so long ago removed the elves from their homelands and were continuing it
even today? Or, was helping his elven brothers, and his own blood, remove
the human threat from the lands and returning to the elves what was
rightfully theirs? This is where the Silver Elf had to do some seriuos
thinking. Would he continue to support the humans or would he follow some
of his more natural insticts and help the elves? Things would really heat
up when the group found out that Gavin Tael, of Ghoere was supporting the
elven hunt! Tael had never liked elves and therefore wished the land
removed of them. He would send numerous caravans of money, weapons, armor,
and sometimes even magic supplies to assist the hunters. The most feared
"gift" of Tael, however, would be his sending the powerful Sword Mage to
assist as well! With the wizard's powerful incantations and scrying
spells, they would begin snuffing out these elves and would just murder
them. The King would pass laws and send in garrisions to stop this, but
either they would move from Dhoesone or would simply ignore the laws!
Total chaos was surrounding the land. How would the King be able to stop
the madness and restore a glimmer of order to his land? Would the Silver
Elf help the humans or the elves? What would Tuaraviel do in response to
the humans? The continuation of "Alive from the Dead" in part 2...