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    Hey Everyone

    Hey I'm not Jesse any more to talk to Jesse go to

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    Morgramen the Magician

    Hey Everyone wrote:

    > For anyone that doesn't know, or for anyone who cares my
    > name is Tony Szczudlo, and I've been painting covers for the best setting TSR

    Note: The (underline) BEST (end under line) cover artist TSR has; period.

    > has to offer, since it's birth in June of 1995. Just a note: I'll be in
    > Amsterdam for the Benelux Gen Con next week. The convention is in Tiel from
    > the 31st thru the 2nd of Aug. So any of you out there, stop by and see me. I
    > love to meet you, and hang a bit. We can talk about saving our baby, or
    > whatever, but please stop by. I promise I won't bite you.

    Great to see you! I am glad that you have decided to join us!
    I live in Edmonton Alberta, Canada; (brrrrrr!) we had a rather small RPG
    convention here last year. I am wondering if these conventions have to draw "x"
    amount of people in order for the TSR "big names" to make an appearance? Exactly
    how do you TSR guys decide what conventions will be attended & by whom? The guy
    down the block from me might have some interesting ideas and all, but I'd love to
    be able to hob knob with the big boys without having to spend thousands of
    (quickly sinking) Canadian Dollars to do it. How about it Mr. Szcudlo, (Can we
    call you Tony?) would you consider dropping by Edmonton next time we hold a
    convention? :)
    Also, I'm wondering if you have (or will have in the future) a web site
    gallery for your paintings? Also, where can I buy some prints? I reaaaaallllly
    want a print of the of the B/o Priestcraft!


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